In addition to journalism and working as a writer, Hanne-Vibeke Holst has written film and television scripts, including "Dagens Donna" (Today’s Donna) from 1990 and several episodes of the television series "Strisser på Samsø” (Cop on the island) from 1997. She hosted the travel documentary series "From Swinouj'scie to Odessa" in 1995, and was behind a series of author portraits aired on television in 1997-99 . Hanne-Vibeke Holst was also a screenwriter, director and co-producer of the documentary "Why do men have the power?", which was shown at the DR (Danish National Television) in 2004 as part of the documentary series "The Image of Power".  

Both "Kronprinsessen”(Crown Princess), "Kongemordet” (Regicide) and later "Dronningeofret” (Queen Sacrifice) have been filmed by the Swedish production company Bob Movies with Anna Croneman as producer. In the lead roles are seen great Swedish actors like Alexandra Rapaport and Suzanne Reuter. 

The TV-film version of "Kronprinsessen”(Crown Princess) premiered in Sweden in February 2006, and the series was shown on BBC1 in the spring of 2006. It was also shown in Norway and Finland. The TV series was one of the four nominees for best foreign TV movie/miniseries at the International Emmy nominations in 2006.  

In January 2008, one could first see "Kongemordet” (Regicide) on Swedish television, and the series had Danish television premiere in April 2008. December 27, 2010 meant full circle, as the first section of "Queen Sacrifice" ran across the screen on Swedish television. DR (Danish National Television)  bought the series, and it was aired on Danish television in September 2011. 

Since then, the series has been aired multiple times on French ARTE and has recently been rebroadcast on Danish National Television (DR) in spring 2015.

All three series are produced by Swedish Bob Films and directed by Danish Kathrine Windfeld.


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